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Fogleman & Ransom: After 20 years, Now Serving Licensed Establishments & Estate Clients

Judge Stephan Fogleman, Baltimore City Orphans Court

Welcome to, the website of the Law Offices of Fogleman and Ransom. After eighteen years, we’re here to serve you for all of your legal needs. Give us a call at (410)258-8500 24 hours a day. You can also email us at

Stephan W. Fogleman

We’re excited to announce that Former Baltimore City Liquor Board Chairman Stephan W. Fogleman is now accepting referrals in Liquor and Hospitality Law, including Land Use and Brewery & Distillery Law. If you have any questions regarding a transfer, the purchase or sale of a license, a violation hearing or legal advice regarding the formation of a licensed business, please give us a call today. If you have a licensed business that has not been actively engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages for any period of time, it is imperative that you contact us immediately regarding your rights.

Fogleman also served as a Judge of the Orphans’ Court for Baltimore City in 2014, and he brings that wealth of experience to work for you in matters of administrative and judicial probate.


Judge Stephan Fogleman, Baltimore City Orphans' Court

Fogleman Liquor Board



Judge Stephan Fogleman, Baltimore City Orphans' Court


It was a pleasure and a privilege to serve your business and the community as a public servant, and it would be an honor and a continued pleasure to guide your business through the regulatory process in private practice.

—Stephan W. Fogleman